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Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Hololidays...

Did you have a holiday for Easter, last week? Where did you go to? Did you have fun?What did you do there? OK, thanks for telling your holidays.. Now it's my turn to tell you my holidays...

In my holidays I went to Kidzania, Jakarta. My friend, Jennifer invited me and some of the other friends which is Shila and Alizka. Jennifer also invited her cousin, Tina... She invited us because, that day was her birthday.

We went there in the morning at 10:00 a.m... In there we played many games such as being the clock dancer, actor in a drama theater playing in the taro, and in the radio station. In taro we must find the 8 missing pieces, If we put all the pieces together it would be a ''candi''. If I'm noy mistaken, there, Shila found the most pieces, she found 3, Jennifer found 1, I found 1, Alizka found 2 and Tina found 1.

In there we ate pizzas in Pizzania and drank sprites.. We went out at 3:00 p.m...Because we already played 5 hours.. After i went out , i ate in wendys. My mom said if I'm not tired I can play again in the noon. that time I was not tired, and that means I can PPPLLLLAAAYYY AAAAGGGGGAAAIIIINNNNNN!!!!

In the noon mI played with my sisters Vera and Vicca, my cousin, Dina and Vera's friend, Ulfa Farida.. First we played together, then not long we sperate Vera with her friend and me with Dina, vicca and Vicca's nany. Then we seperate again because vicca met her friend, Zhiankha.. I'm with my cousin and Vicca with her nany, her friend and her nany's friend...

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