Ristia Sastra

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mini Exhibition is comming!!..

Grade 5 in SPH will have a mini exhibition about a religion.. It was postponed until next month. My group will talk about Sikhism. The members names are Michelle p, Liza and me, Ristia. In the exhibition later, we will have a photo booth, so we can shoot the visitors that are wearing one of Sikhism's clothes, and my group will provide the clothes... We will give candies and chocolate to the visitors who visit our booth.. We also have information and pictures about the celebration, symbols, costumes, food, and songs in Sikhism that will put on the board and Power point presentation... I can't wait for it, can you?
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dear diary

At 13th of October I went to my grandma's house because it's Idul Fitri Day..!! My Mom's family is in there, expect one of my cousin (Dina) and auntie.. They didn't came because Dina's other grandma is blind, actually I really want her to came because she is my bestest cousin.. In Idul Fitri Day it's a wonderful day because everyone says sorry to us.. In Idul Fitri day we also can give money to big or little kids.. My uncle (Om Dedi) gave Rp.5.000 to the little kids, and Rp.10.000 to the big kids.. My mom gave Rp.50.000 to anyone that greet my grandma, even my aunties, my uncles and the nanys can greet too, because at 12th October is my grandma's Birthday..
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beatrix Potter

Can you talk to an animal? Can you imagine that characters in story books are alive? Is your imagination as deep as Beatrix Potters? Did she have a really very interesting imagination? Beatrix Potter had a really big imagination!

Beatrix Potter imagine that her character story which were Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit could talk to her. That's why her stories were interesting. She believed that the animals were just the same like us, humans. Beatrix potter was the first author that had colourful pictures in her story books.

Beatrix potter married Mr. Warne, who publish her stories. No one knews their connection except Beatrix Potter's best friend who was Mr. Warne's big sister. One day when Beatrix Potter went to London, a few weeks later Mr. Warne got sick and died. In London Beatrix Potter bought farm and she wanted to buy more farms. After that Beatrix Potter married Mr. Willis. Mr. Willis was her old friend.

Beatrix potter was very sad when Mr. Warne died untill her imagination broke. She always cried everyday because of Mr. Warne. Beatrix Potter was very a very famous author. Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny were two of her famous story characters.
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