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Sunday, November 18, 2007

My cutty

adopt your own virtual pet!

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My Kitty

adopt your own virtual pet!

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How to make a simple wooden Go-Karts

A wooden go-kart has a brakes beside it.. we didn't drive it with stir but with rope/ string.. Some wooden go-karts must be pushed. You must be really careful if you wanted to ride go-karts.

To make a simple wooden Go-kart you will need:
-A hammer
-An adjustable spanner
-A measuring tape/ruler
-An electric hand drill
-A hand saw
-A metal hacksaw
-2 inch round nail
-5 inch round nail
-Planks of 3x4 timber/limber
-Planks of 1x4 timber/limber
-length of 3/4 (15mm) diameter metal bar
-4 spoked wheels
-Range of washers
-Range of bolts, nuts and split pins

That are the things you need to make a go-kart..

Visit ''http://kartbuilding.net/'' website.If you want to make a Go-kart.
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My Reflection of UOI

THEME: How we express ourselves
TITLE: I believe, You believe
CENTRAL IDEA: The believes and cultures are conveyed through ritual, celebration, the arts and the way people live their lives.

REFLECTION: When I do the religion project that I put in my blog. I must be WELL-BALANCED because I learn lot of things about Sikhism Religion.

I must be a THINKER when writing my beliefs because i must think back, what are my beliefs when i was a little kid.

I feel like I'm being KNOWLEDGEABLE when doing what Beatrix Potter believes and I must tell people about Beatrix Potter's beliefs.

On the Field trip I was an INQUIRERS because I asked questions and I learn something that I enjoy.

When I write the expo I will be a PRINCIPLED because I must try to do what I say.

I'm being a THINKER when I am doing ''Haiku of GOD'S Love'' because I must know what words should I put in the Haiku.
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