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Friday, May 30, 2008

Indonesian Handicrafts

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Field trip to Gunung Pancar...

Last Tuesday (13 may) we had a field trip to Gunung Pancar. All of us are going there except Suah because she will move school and had a school test, Marchelle because he is sick and Shila she stays in school. first we had a bus, then we had a walk.... We walk to go to the waterfall, it is a very long long journey to go there... We always help each other to go through the walk, because the road is made of soil and it very steam and small and also slippery. In the middle of the walk the people that help us to lead the way carried my bag because I' very, very, very tired and even my shoulder really hurts. When I walk I almost fall and one of my bag became dirty.. Some of us also fall and had a scratch on their feet...

Then at last we can see the waterfall clearly, but we must walk a little bit more to be in down of the waterfall. After that we took off our shoes and we swim in their... but we must only can swim in the edge of it, because it is very dangerous if we go near it... The waterfall is so tall and the water got down very fast, that's why we cannot go near the waterfall. Jinju didn't swim, I don't know why. The water in their is very cold, but fresh. Then we change our clothes.. We had lunch, and after that we ask question to the Bapak in there.. We had a walk again then we got to school.. In school we had a nap...

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fragile environments

In Borneo and Sumatra forests, there are many long furry apes called Orang-utan. Long ago the people in Borneo and sumatra that the long furry apes is also a kind of man 'who just wanted to live in the woods. So they called the orang-utan that means ''man of the wood''.

The male orang-utan can grow until 150cm tall. Orang-utan like to spend more time in the trees than in land, because they can search for leaves, fruits, insects,

bird's eggs, buds, and barks. At night time, orang-utan makes nest out of branches for them to sleep. They also build a roof, so that they will not get wet when it is raining.

Orang-utan have only one enemy, which is us, human. their enemy is us, because people keep cutting trees in the fo
rest, where the orang-utan lives. People also hunt orang-utan. They will take the orang-utan's babies and sell them in zoos or sell them in a pet shop to be a pet. Most babies just die because the hunters didn't know how to take care of them.

Long ago there is so many beautiful , amazing forest to see but now all of the beautifulness of the forest are all gone. Even the animals are easy to die because they didn't have a place to live and foods to eat. These is all because people keep cutting the trees in the forest, and hunt animals in the forests.


Every year an area of a rain forest is gone because people keep cutting down trees. The animals and plants that live in the forest that has been destroyed can die or find another forest to live in.

Humans are cutting down trees also having a reason:
-The woods for making timber and fire
-The needs of farms
-Land for the poor farmers that doesn't have a shelter to live
-For road construction


Book: Nature in dangered, Childcraft, U.S.A, Chicago (1993), pg.69

Internet: http://kids.mongabay.com/elementary/501.html, Copyright Rhett butler 2005-2008

Person: Andina Ayu Pratiwi, Gr.5, 10 years
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Nasional Anthem

Just feel free to have fun
We have love,peace, faith and forgiveness
Make yourself bright as a sun
Always have a braveness
To fight for a winning
Be happy all the time
and in your heart you will feel singing
Don't hate people or~ you will taste a bitter sour lime

Oh, my country, Lusly-Angien
You are always in my heart
Oh, my country, Lusly-Angien
You are always in my heart
In my heart.... In my heart...
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