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Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Machines...

The grade 5 in SPH, are learning about simple machines and compound machines. They will be in pairs and pick 1 simple machine and 1 compound machine. I'm doing the screw for the simple machine and a hair dryer for the compound machine.

Simple Machines
Screw is one of the six simple machines.The 6 simple machines are:


-Incline plane
-Wheel and axle

A screw is like an incline pla
ne that goes around it's body. It also can hold things together . Usually, screw were made by steel. Most screw shaped, like nails. To make a screw work we need a screw driver.

Compound machines

Hair dryer is a machine that can make our hair dry fast if our hair is wet. Usually a hair dryer has a hole for the hot air to came out. Sallon use a hair dryer to make their visitor's hair dry. To make the element hot the need a electricity to make the element hot. If we don't use an electricity the hair dryer wouldn't work at all. The air is heated by the element so the air will became a hot air. The air was pushed by the fan so the air could came out. Then we get the hot air to dried our hair.
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