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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charlie Chapters

Oompa Loompas
Oompa loompas are small people that is no higher than our knee. It has came from the Loompaland. They was found when with Willy Wonka when they were eating GREEN CATERPILARS, in their tree houses. Oompa loompas really like cocoa beans, and they are very lucky if they found 3 or 4 cocoa beans in a year. The Oompa Loompas want
ed to work in Wonka's factory because, Wonka will gave them cocoa beans as many as they want to..

Chapter 8 Two more Golden ticket found
In the evening, mr. Bucket found out that in his newspaper that 2 more golden tickets were found.
It said that the third was founded by Violet Beauregarde. When everyone interviewed her she was speaking to the others very quickly and very loud , but it wasn't clear enough because she was chewing her gum. Then she shouted, " I'm a gum chewer, but when I know about this golden tickets I start to also eat Wonka's bar".

The fourth was founded by Mike Teavee. He is a boy that never do anything except watching television. Mike Teavee is nine years old. He is very busy when playing his television set, even when one of the interviewer is asking him a question he said, '' Be quite, do not interrupt me!''.
(He is one kind of a rude boy isn't he?). He also like to
watch gangster and when while he was watching gangster
he is pretending, with his toy gun/pistol to be one of the gangster. He found the golden ticket, when he was eating his Wonka chocolate bar...

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